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Hi all, and welcome to Uncommon Impact.

We’re a new digital marketing agency, based in Melbourne, with a mission to have an uncommon impact on our clients’ business. We do that by delivering exceptional business outcomes through well-designed digital marketing solutions.

Yeah, we know – there are plenty of digital marketing agencies out there. So why is there a need for another one? And what makes us different?

We’re Here For Professional Services Firms

First and foremost, our focus is on helping professional services firms get new clients. We’re talking law firms, accounting firms, business advisors and consultants. That doesn’t mean we won’t work with other businesses if we think we can help them. Or that we will work with any professional services firm even if we don’t think we can help them. But it does mean that we believe that professional services firms are where we are most likely to have unique, outsized impact.

Why? Because not only are we market-leading experts in digital marketing, we also have extensive experience in professional services that other digital marketers simply do not. We’re not talking about having run PPC campaigns or managed social media accounts for an accounting firm (although we have done that too). We’re talking about years of experience in the trenches as full fee-earning professionals.

This has given us a perspective that is unique within the digital marketing community. We understand the challenges of client acquisition in professional services because we’ve been there and faced them ourselves.

And that’s why we know that choosing an agency without that experience, that doesn’t really understand what you’re trying to do and what is important to you in doing it, could be disastrous for you.

We’ve developed some clear principles, methods and approaches to building effective digital marketing campaigns for professional services firms, based on our experience, that we are confident will deliver better results than anyone else.

More about that in future posts.

We Make Digital Marketing About You

Secondly, we design bespoke digital marketing strategies. Too many agencies have their “standard” method that they roll out to every retail store, gym, tradie, art gallery and, yes, professional services firm that knocks on their door.

Sometimes you might get some results. Sometimes you might not. But every time it’s lazy, lacks effort and wastes your time and money. And most importantly, it wastes the opportunity to really grow your business.

We are different. We understand that every firm is different, and we know that success is far more likely when we design a custom digital marketing strategy to fit your business rather than try to force fit a pre-fabricated approach.

A New Era In Digital Marketing For Professional Services Firms

We’ve heard many, many firms express similar frustrations when it comes to digital marketing – the agencies they talk to can’t (and often don’t even try to) understand their business or their industry, and tell them to spend thousands on pre-designed social media campaigns that are simply ill-suited to bringing in the clients they want.


If you don’t have an effective digital marketing strategy in 2019, you’re missing out on clients, you’re losing revenue, and you’re leaving massive value on the table for your competitors to pick up. But until now it has been very difficult for professional services firms to develop the type of bespoke digital strategies that are based on real experience, and that will deliver real results.

That has changed. Uncommon Impact has arrived. Get in touch now to find out how we can help your firm take off.


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